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The big issue … austerity gets local

After weeks of drama in Paris with global consequences, the last week has seen a shift to more prosaic issues. Now that there has been some time to digest the latest Spending Review, think tanks have been pondering what this means for various aspects of local services.

NLGN looks at the overall policy implications of further austerity and sees the “weakening, if not demise of the very old idea that redistribution from richer areas to their poorer counterparts can solve regional social and economic problems”. At the same time, the piece wonders whether the size of the cake will grow enough to compensate for the fact that people’s shares are getting more measly.

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Tax credits: will the Lords use their ‘fatal power’?

On Monday, the UK’s second chamber will take the national spotlight when Members of the House of Lords discuss the government’s draft regulations on tax credits.

The Institute for Government looks at the implications of peers exercising their ‘fatal power’ on secondary or delegated legislation. The Constitution Unit provides a useful primer on the conventions covering the Lords’ role in relation to delegated legislation and financial matters (see also the Institute for Government), as well as exploring what might happen if the government is indeed defeated.

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