New Year 2015

The big think tank review of 2015

In 2015, we worried about

Pressure on A&E. Yes, this was as much a concern last New Year’s Eve as it was in 2015. Here are four ideas on how to deal with the issue Institute for Economic Affairs

Who benefits from innovation. In a landmark essay, Geoff Mulgan admits that there is little evidence that innovation provides genuine social benefits Nesta

How local government would make very short ends meet. “93% of respondents” to an LGIU survey “think that the current local government finance system is not fit for purpose”.

Canadians doing better deliberative democracy. Reference panels, citizens’ assemblies and citizens commissions everywhere. Policy Network

When charities fail. Government needs more oversight when they deliver public services (Institute for Government) and too many are doing the same thing (New Philanthropy Capital)

Dismantling the deterrent. What would it mean for Britain to disarm? Oxford Research Group

In 2015, we learned more about

Asking a question you don’t want an answer to. Here’s a workable solution to the West Lothian question, also known as English votes for English Laws. Centre for Policy Studies

Top down reorganisations of the NHS. The Coalition government did one, despite promising not to. But they didn’t privatise as much as expected. The King’s Fund

What it takes to be a good government minister. The Institute for Government archived interviews with former ministers from across the political divide.

How you can create your very own delivery unit. A case study from Haringey Council. Institute for Government

Whether a Citizen’s Income would work. Find out from one of the world’s best scholars in this field, Donald Hirsch. Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Making our own money. Lessons from six local currency pilots in Europe. New Economics Foundation

That education reform. Academies have helped pupils perform better. Centre for Economic Performance

Oh, the urbanity! Why cities succeed or fail at accommodating influxes of new residents. Legatum Institute

In 2015, we got better at

Being transparent. We now have have 3 ‘Istanbul Principles’ on think tank transparency. On Think Tanks

Watching the watchers. Here’s an audit of how cost-effective the UK state is (Reform) and here’s the changing shape of the state in seven charts (Resolution Foundation)

Beautiful web publishing. Like London Essays, from Centre For London

Impact. Measuring it (Citizens Advice), evidencing it (Nesta), and how to make it with your research communications (WonkComms).

In 2015, we reviewed

How London’s schools went from being the worst in the country to being some of the best. A triumph of carrot over stick, by our very own Rowland Manthorpe

The narrowing of the Coalition’s public service reform agenda – from radical openness to outsourcing it, by Gareth Young

Some new and some old ideas about replacing welfare with personal accounts, and how they might shape future policy. Ably reviewed by Harry Atkinson

How to deliver technical education (by standing up to government), by Scott Kelly